Who we are

Yarki Studio is a Ukrainian game and art studio developing innovative video games for the mobile and social online market.

Our team has years of experience, a burning passion for gaming and a love for entertainment, but, most importantly, we care about and respect our clients and players. Yarki Studio is committed to bringing high-quality games, as well as to provide outsourcing services of art and game production.

We are open for all kinds of cooperation and willing to share our skills and experience for your business best support, growth and our mutual victories.

Our Mission

“Illuminated by creativity, creating impossible”.

We are the ones who are inspired and enthusiastic about what we do, we dream, experiment and exceed the limits, always.

Our promise is to deliver products of top-notch quality – the kind of games we as players would enjoy and be thrilled about.

Create together with us!

Our News


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Mind dragler puzzle
game, iOS/Android/FB
The Last Spirit: looking for a mobile publisher

Mobile playable version is ready!

Facebook version is ready for a soft-launch.

Join The Last Spirit community on Facebook and share with your friends! If you give your Like to the Spirit, he'll have more power to confront and win mechanical invaders!

Feel free to also visit Last Spirit's personal page at www.lastspirit.yarkistudio.com.

About Yarki
Ironic match-3 card
battler game
My Kingdom's Fall: looking for a publisher

Please get in touch with us if you're interested to publish mobile version of this beautifully done card battle game. Watch game-play trailer and give us your Like :)

Physical puzzle
game, iOS/Android
Incredible Water

Mobile physical game for kids about tiny water drop who explores the world and helps players learn about incredible nature of water. Cute animated characters and tricky levels made the first user testers fall in love with the game.

Get in touch with us if you're interested in publishing Incredible Water!

Beaver and Friends is released on Google Play!

We’ve combined a cartoon and a book in a single application! You can listen to the story and watch the illustrations, and also play with the characters. Although this playbook was created for 3 to 7-year-olds, we do hope it’s interesting and captivating for their parents as well!

We like alive and vivid characters who are free to run, jump and run through the pages even. That’s why in this book you could see more than 100 unique animations and live around 80 minutes of a game-play.

Soon to be released on AppStore market.